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Ways to Donate

Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary is a Registered Charitable Organization in British Columbia, Canada (#713808277RR0001). Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary is 100% donation run and relies on people’s generosity and kindness. Every donation, no how matter how big or small, makes a huge difference for the residents.

We appreciate your Support

Donations made to Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary helps the animals to receive the best possible care to thrive, heal and flourish. Donations also allow us to help rescue more animals in need.

Every dollar donated goes towards the animals food, bedding, shelter, veterinary care, other health needs, and enrichment.

Help make a positive impact for our rescued residents today by contributing through one of our many donation options below!

From all of us at Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary, we thank-you for your generosity and support!

“We are forever grateful for donors like you. Your acts of kindness helps our rescued animals like Blue, to live a happy, healthy and flourishing life.”

Ways to Donate

PayPal Giving Fund Canada

As a registered charity, Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary is now enrolled in Paypal’s Giving Fund Canada. You can make a secure donation on the PayPal Giving Fund platform and they will provide a receipt to each donor. Unlike PayPal, PayPal Giving Fund does not charge fees for its services which means the charity receives the full amount donated!


CanadaHelps provides a secure way to donate once or on a monthly basis to us which helps us plan ahead. You can make your donation to the CanadaHelps link using your credit card or PayPal account. CanadaHelps emails your tax receipt (for 100% of the value of your donation and we receive the amount of your donation less their processing fee).


Donate by e-transfer to


Donations can be made by cheque. Please email us for our mailing address.

Other Ways to Donate

In-Kind Donations

We are also in need of the following specific items, some are quite expensive but essential (horse trailer, pick-up), others are for building a sanctuary evacuation kit (also essential in light of the increased wildfires in the recent years), some are for the general operations of the farm sanctuary, as well as items that will help the sanctuary expand. If you are interested in purchasing and donating any of these items, please see the list of suggested vendors that we use and email us at for more information or if you have any questions. 

  • 2 Used 2-Horse Trailers (for our evacuation kit and for taking the animals to the vet clinic when needed)
  • 1 Used Pick-up (as a secondary vehicle for transporting animals, supplies, and pulling one of the horse trailers as part of our evacuation kit)
  • Cattle Squeeze Chute (essential for safe immobilization of the cows for veterinary care)
  • Portable Temporary Shelter Logic (2-3 shelters, 12x12for our evacuation kit and to and have extra portable paddocks especially for quarantining newly rescued animals or sick/injured residents who need to be temporarily isolated)
  • Portable Temporary Chicken Coop/Small Animal Kennel (2  kennels, 12x12for our evacuation kit and to and have extra portable paddocks especially for quarantining newly rescued animals or sick/injured residents who need to be temporarily isolated)
  • Small Animal Carriers (for our evacuation kit and for transporting birds and rabbits)
  • Construction material and supplies (plywood, boards, and aluminum roofing) for 2 New Shelters to rescue/house pigs and additional sheep.   
  • Construction material and supplies to build a Goat Jungle Gym (2 large tractor tires, wood to build a bridge)
  • Cow Scratching Post 
  • Small Animal Exercise Pens (4 feet high, for our evacuation kit and having extra areas for quarantining new rescued rabbits or sick/injured rabbits who need to be temporarily isolated)
  • Rabbit Litter – pine pellets (horse stall or wood stove)
  • Bedding (bagged compacted pine shavings) for the goat house and chicken coop
  • Adult Rabbit Pellets (alfalfa free) – Oxbow brand is preferred
  • 2 Wheel Barrows
  • Extra Water and Feed Tubs (for our evacuation kit and for replacing broken ones)
  • Water Tote (300 gallon, for our evacuation kit and also for putting water on our upper property grazing area)
  • Extra Water Heaters for the large animals’ water tanks
  • Extra Hay Nets (for our evacuation kit and replacing old/worn ones)
  • And we are always in need of Hay (Grass Mix) and Straw for bedding!!!

Amazon Wishlist

It takes a lot of supplies to keep the sanctuary running smoothly. From animal feed to farm and veterinary supplies. We have a long list of needs including items such as:

  • First Aid
  • Exercise pends and carriers
  • Salt and mineral supplements
  • Rabbit pellets and treats
  • Hardware and tools

If you would like to help by donating an item from this list, please see our Amazon Wish List here.

Donations by Gift Cards

We are always happy to receive gift cards as an alternative way to donate. We have listed below some of the retailers we utilize for supplies.

Veterinary Accounts

Donations can also be made towards our veterinary accounts with the wonderful vet clinics we use below:

  • Oriole Road Animal Hospital
  • Kamloops Large Animal Clinic
  • Canadian Poultry Consultatants

One of the ways you can directly help care for a resident is to become a monthly sponsor. From $5 to $50 a month, you can partially or fully sponsor one of the residents. Being a sponsor also helps gives us the re-assurance of regular funds coming in to help pay for the resident’s food, bedding, shelter, veterinary care, other health needs, and enrichment.

Meet the Residents

Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary

Located approximately 30 minutes east of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Registered Charity ##713808277RR0001

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