Meet the Animal Pen Pals

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Here are the animals that you can choose to be your pen pal! They can’t wait to hear from you! 

Meet Blue, the Sheep

Baahh….My name is Blue. Likes: eating grass/hay; playing with my sheep family and caregivers; and bouncing up and down when I’m happy. Dislikes: not getting enough pets from my caregivers; not getting my hay on time for breakfast and dinner. 

Meet Daniel, the Cow

Moo….My name is Daniel. Likes: grazing on grass and hay (my favourite snack is sunflowers); playing with my cow family and my caregivers; and exploring our pastures. Dislikes: flies buzzing around me in the summer; when my big brothers steal all the hay! 

Meet Maxwell, the Goat

Baahh….My name is Maxwell. Likes: eating hay, lots & lots of grass and of course veggie and fruit treats; playing with my goat family and my caregivers; and plotting my next escape! Dislikes: not being able to escape!

Meet Finnegan, the Duck


Quack….My name is Finnegan. Likes: waddling around the farm with Clementine and Emmeline; swimming in our little pool; and I love the rain. Dislikes: not being with my hen friends and not having buckets, pools, and puddles to splash in! 

Meet Dublyn, the Pig

Oink….My name is Dublyn. Likes: eating!!! especially fruits and veggies; chatting to Wyatt Petey and to my caregivers; cuddles next to Wyatt Petey at night under a blanket! Dislikes: cold weather, snow, and not eating all the snacks I can!   

Meet Bridget, the Horse

Neighh….My name is Bridget. Likes: eating grass and hay, getting snacks like carrots and apples; spending time with my horse friend – Zechariah and my caregivers; roaming and relaxing out in our field. Dislikes: when Zechariah tries to eat my hay! 

Meet Clementine, the Hen

Cluck-cluck….My name is Clementine. Likes: eating seeds, plants & little insects; getting up early and roaming around the farm all day; having dust-baths in the sun. Dislikes: being cooped up in the chicken house in the winter.

Meet Beyonce, the Rabbit

Hello!….My name is Beyonce. Likes: eating pellets and salad; digging holes, running around my pen, and playing with my rabbit friend. Dislikes: having her holes buried so she cannot escape! 

Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary

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Located approximately 30 minutes east of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

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