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Olaf is our king goat and he lets everyone know who’s the boss! In the summer of 2019 we were approached by the owners of another sanctuary about whether we could rehome some of their rescued goats. Although we were not exactly prepared for goats (as they can be quite the escape artists) we agreed to take 3 as the shelter we had could only comfortably fit that many. We proceeded to ‘goat-proof’ a paddock in preparation for their arrival. Shortly after the goats arrived, they started living up to their reputation – playing and plotting their escapes each day and certainly kept us on our toes (and even sometimes have outsmarted us).  We learned that Olaf and his bonded partner Daisy (both Nubian goats) came from a ‘petting zoo,’ which unlike a farm sanctuary, animals are used for profit and are then typically disposed of when they are no longer of use. However, at our farm sanctuary, our goats are not ‘used’ and they are free to be who they want to be. And we let Olaf be the goat he wants to be. 



Daisy, as the bonded partner of Olaf, and his ‘other-half,’ balances out their relationship with more gentleness and sweetness. However, she also has a sneaky side and she will not hesitate to escape if the opportunity arises. If Daisy would not have been rescued by that other farm sanctuary, she would likely have been disposed of with little to no regard when she was no longer of use. Or she may have been used for her milk production with her kids taken away after birth, just like dairy cows, and then sent for slaughter when her milk production dropped. Thankfully, she was saved from this fate and she will get to live out her natural life with the rest of her goat family. 


Maxwell was originally rescued through a SPCA seizure and then was rehomed by a sanctuary and then made his way to Eden`s Way Farm Sanctuary along with Daisy and Olaf in 2019. He is a pygmy goat who makes up for his small stature by a big adorable personality as well as his cunning escape plans. He is also the most vocal of the goats and he does not hesitate to let us know when he wants something or if something is not quite right. Maxwell loves to play and tussle with the other goats and greet visitors with his irresistible charm. 



Sierra was surrendered to us in the summer of 2022, as she could no longer be “used” for breeding due undergoing a caesarean section that spring. The owner wanted her to go to a permanent home rather than be sold back into the production system and risk being bred again. Sierra has been slowly warming up to us but is still a bit shy, and we are giving her all the time and space she needs to feel comfortable and safe with us. 


Sienna was surrendered to us at the same time as we did want Sierra to be alone as she was too small to live with the big goats. She is a cheeky, curious, and friendly little goat, and she is also growing into quite the escape artist that perhaps will rival Maxwell’s escapades. 


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