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Zechariah is an Andalusian Appaloosa cross who was rescued along with his bonded partner Bridget from a neglected situation. He and Bridget were the first of the large animals to arrive at our farm sanctuary, only three days after the founders moved to the property in July 2019. Being middle age (about 15-16 years old) and going blind, he was most likely saved from a trip to an auction mart, where he would then likely ended up in a kill pen or feedlot and eventually slaughtered. Although he has “moon blindness” (a common eye disease for his breed and colour) and he is now blind in one eye and eventually will go blind in the other, that doesn’t slow him down. He is an extremely smart, high-spirited, and friendly horse who loves to learn and do things, including getting into mischief and interacting with visitors.  



Bridget is a 12-15 year old Appaloosa and she is the bonded partner to Zechariah. She is feisty and strong-spirited and definitely likes to be the leader but she can also be very gentle and also loves attention from visitors. Bridget like her partner, and most other horses, even loved companions, will eventually end up at a slaughter plant after they get too old, become ill or injured, or of no longer of any use to their owners. Fortunately, Bridget and Zechariah will get to live out their natural lives together at our sanctuary. 

Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary

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Located approximately 30 minutes east of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

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