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Wyatt Petey

Originally named “Petey,” this Vietnamese pot-belly pig was an abandoned feral pig, who was eventually taken in by a kind woman. She was not able to keep him and wanted to ensure he went to a safe forever home. It was also perfect timing as we had started looking for a pig to rescue as we finally had the time and resources to build a pig shelter. He came to live at our sanctuary in August 2022 and we gave him a new name, “Wyatt Petey”. As a feral pig, he was very fearful of humans and he has been slowly learning how to trust us. We are giving him as much time and space he needs to feel more comfortable and have provided him with a large safe space to roam and root, to sunbathe and cool off in a kiddie pool in the summer, and to stay warm and snuggle up in piles of straw in his shelter in the winter.



Dublin is a middle-age Juliana mini-pig who lived in a city her entire life with a very loving family. Unfortunately, their circumstances changed and they were in a heart-breaking position to have to rehome her. It was perfect timing as well as we wanted to get a second pig, so Wyatt Petey would not be alone and the pig shelter was built for two!! She came to live at our sanctuary in September 2022 and it has been quite an adjustment for her…going from city living to country living! Fortunately, she bonded quite well with Wyatt Petey and they now can be found each night cuddled up in their shelter and stay close to each other during the day, although she is definitely the boss of their relationship. She is quite the chatty and sassy girl and will let you know if something is not quite right! 

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