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Felicia was the founder’s first rescued animal! Back in 2016, again when the sanctuary was only a crazy dream with no intention to rescue a rabbit at that time, that all changed one day when she went into a pet food store and saw a little black beautiful bunny in a glass cage. She learned that she had been there for almost a year and no one would buy her as she was quite timid and also black rabbits (like black cats) are not a very popular ‘pets.’ After a couple of weeks of worrying and also checking in on her, the owner agreed to surrender her. After she settled into her new home and was spayed, the founder adopted a little brother for her named Gus and although they quickly bonded, she is still an independent girl and likes to have her alone time. Felicia has also remained a more timid rabbit but she has a certain strength and grace about her especially with her elegant Lionhead mane, and she has taken her place as the regal matriarch of our rabbit family. 



Gus is a Lionhead rabbit who was adopted from the SPCA as a partner for Felicia in 2016. Little is known about his past before being surrendered to the SPCA other than he was about 6 months old. Gus has always been quite the little character, with his spunky, mischievous, feisty, and affable nature. From city life to sanctuary life, Gus loves his outdoor habitat and he can often be found digging holes, chewing his way through boxes, or instigating scuffles with Basil and Benjamin. 


Frances was abandoned at a fairground and she lived there for a few weeks until the owner of the sanctuary was able to gain her trust and finally catch her, just before the cold weather set in. Unfortunately, many unwanted rabbits end up this way as their owners decide to “set them free” in the outdoors, not knowing that they will most likely die from illness or injury within a short time, and may also contribute to feral rabbit colonies. However, Frances was saved from this fate and after settling into her new home and getting spayed, efforts to bond her with Gus and Felicia did not go well. So that meant finding a partner for her and that led to adopting another rescued rabbit from the SPCA – Alfred Wigglebottom. Alfred and Frances quickly bonded and always stayed close together ever since. Being a English Spot rabbit, Frances has very unique markings and quite the beautiful little bun. She also always been a strong and sweet-tempered little girl and her caring side really came out as she seemed to take extra care of Alfred as his health declined from kidney disease over 2020-2021. 


Alfred Wigglebottom (In Loving Memory)

Little is known about Alfred prior to his rescue other than he was found abandoned in a bathtub by a landlord who then took him to the SPCA and from there was adopted by the founder of the sanctuary in 2017 to hopefully bond with Frances. Alfred was a laid-back and good-natured rabbit who really seemed to know how to relax and take it easy. He was also a bit of a flirt with the girl buns, although he always remained bonded with Frances. Sadly, he was diagnosed with kidney disease in August 2020, which has no cure and its progression can only be slowed. Over the next year, he was given weekly fluid therapy which greatly helped him for a period of time. However, his kidneys began to fail into the spring of 2021 and by the summer he went into the end-stage of the disease. When his quality of life began to suffer, the difficult decision was made to have him euthanized. He peacefully crossed over on August 15, 2021 and he is now healed and free to run and play on the other side. Until we meet again little Alfred!  


Eva, along with another rabbit, Bonnie, were rescued by the farm sanctuary where Olaf, Daisy, and Maxwell came from, and we gladly offered to take them in. This sweet little Rex rabbit quickly settled into her new home at the sanctuary in 2019 and she also quickly gained the reputation of also being a single-minded escape artist with her feisty, energetic, and determined attitude as she would spend hours every day digging impressive holes in her outdoor area and we would spend hours fixing them. She also seems to prefer the single life as it has been impossible to bond her with another rabbit and seems quite content being on her own and having her own space but occasionally we do catch her snuggling up to Bonnie who lives beside her. Rabbit bonding is rather complicated and we respect their choice about who, and whether our rabbits want to live with another bun or if they want to live alone. 



Bonnie is a 12.5 pound Giant Flemish rabbit and she truly is a gentle giant. She came to us along with Eva along with the goats from another farm sanctuary and we do not know too much about her history. Giant Flemish rabbits are typically bred for meat and fur and because of their large size (and equally large care needs may not ‘work out as pets’ for their owners, and then like many other domestic rabbits are abandoned or surrendered.  At first, Bonnie was a bit timid and it took time to build trust with her but she gradually warmed up to us and she became our most friendly, docile, and charming rabbits. She loves attention from visitors and will sit by you for hours (if she had it her way) to be petted. We are thankful to be able to give her a home. Bonnie happily spends her day snacking and stretching out to relax, and she is also known for her hole-digging abilities. Like Eva, and because of her large size, she has remained a bachelorette but gets to socialize as she chooses with her spunky little next door neighbour, Eva.   


Benjamin is the smallest of our rabbit family but he has a packed personality full of beans! He was surrendered to the sanctuary in 2020 when he was only a couple of months and we hoped that he would be a potential partner for Eva. However, Eva made it very clear she preferred the single life despite Benjamin’s exuberant personality and adorable good looks! He hasn’t outgrown his high-spirited, playful, and mischievous ways and these days, he and Basil (his partner in crime) can often be found happily doing zoomies and blinkies around their habitat. Visitors are always amazed when they see their elaborately dug tunnel system. 



In 2020, Basil was found advertised as a “meat or pet rabbit” when he was only a few months old.  He was likely bred to be large and also be good-looking as he is an Angora-Giant Flemish cross. Countless rabbits are bred for these purposes and often end up being advertised as “for sale” or “for free” and from there, many will remain vulnerable to neglect, abuse, abandonment, or slaughter. Fortunately, the owner agreed to surrender Basil to the sanctuary, where he will be spared such a tragic fate and he will get to live out his life in a large indoor/outdoor rabbitat with his bonded partner Benjamin. Basil’s handsome good looks are complemented by his good-natured and easy-going temperament but he also can be frequently found getting into mischief with his little buddy.  


Gidianna is an English Spot-Lionhead rabbit who was surrendered to our sanctuary August of last year. It was during that time when we began looking for a partner for Frances after our beloved Alfred passed away that same month. She was among the countless number of rabbits advertised “to be rehomed” after their owners get bored of them or are unable to take care of them. When we accepted her, we were initially told she was a boy, and named him Gideon. However, a vet check found out ‘he’ was actually a ‘she,’ so we came up with the name Gidianna. She is a spunky and sweet little rabbit who quickly bonded with Frances! They love to spend their days munching on hay and daily greens, relaxing and napping, and racing around (especially morning and evening, as crespuculars!)  


Rabbit Colony

In 2022, we welcomed a rabbit colony (12 bunnies!) from Rabbitats in Richmond/Surrey, BC, who rescues abandoned and feral domestic rabbits, and then either places them in one of their sanctuaries or adopts them out to forever homes. This colony was from a group of unadoptable rabbits that were at their partner organization, The Vancouver Bunny Cafe , which is hard to believe given how cute they are!! However, we are so glad to be able to give Sid, Buffy, Eirwin, Beyonce “Bucky” Barnes, Blaise (formerly Basil), Emily, Snoopy, Vincent, Stirling, Flower, Beatty, and Avery a safe permanent haven at our sanctuary. 

Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary

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