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Maggie is a mixed wool and hair breed of sheep who was rescued from a sheep farm where she was a production unit for her lambs and eventually, possibly used for ‘mutton’ herself. She was rescued by another farm sanctuary and then rehomed to our sanctuary in the summer of 2019.  The previous sanctuary owners were unaware that she was pregnant when she was rescued and one day they were greatly surprised to see a newborn lamb beside her who they named Luna. It was very important for the mother and daughter to be kept together and we were happy that we could give them a home after quickly finishing the fence for our front lawn. Maggie is on the shy side but does slowly warm up to visitors. She has also remained a protective and loving mother to Luna. 



Luna, being born on a farm sanctuary, has only known love and care from people so she is very friendly with visitors. She can still be a bit on the shy side but is more curious and outgoing with people. You can usually find her and her mom mowing our lawn or sharing a hay bag with Daniel. Luna is unlike most lambs as they will never get a chance to grow up with their mothers, or grow up at all. Lambs are typically slaughtered before they are 6 months old with the females, just like dairy cows and goats, are raised only to return to the production line in the sheep industry.  


Blue was rejected at birth by his mother and the owners wanted him to go to a forever home rather than end up as a lamb meal. He was only a couple of weeks old when he came to live with us and then
got to live in the sanctuary founder’s home for over 2 months. He was no different than our “house pets” – he loved to sit on the couch or in front of the fireplace and even slept in bed (with diapers on of course!) Over time, he was a big enough boy to move outside so he could graze and be a sheep. He is
still as affectionate and sweet as ever!



Sapphire was in need of a new home and she came along at the perfect time – to be a big sister for Blue when he needed to move outside. She has settled into her new life at our sanctuary and quickly bonded with Blue. She is shy but she is also very sweet and gentle. Sapphire is slowly learning to trust us and enjoy being petted on her own terms, like all the animal residents at our sanctuary.

In Loving Memory

“Baba” Skye

“Baba” Skye was born premature and was partially blind. Due to her extremely small size and health issues, she was bottle raised by her owners, who then wanted to re-home her to a sanctuary. She came to live with us in July 2022 and we fell in love with Skye the moment we saw her. At the same time we (and our veterinarian) were concerned about her lack of development (she was only 13 pounds!!!) and she had recurrent issues with worms/parasites that we could not get control of. Her health suddenly and unexpected declined very rapidly and despite emergency veterinary care, euthanasia was recommended as there was no treatment for her severe and progressive anemia. We made the heartbreaking decision to let her go and she passed peacefully surrounded by the sanctuary founder and two caring veterinarians.

We will never forget this kind little girl and she certainly made an impression on visitors with her presence. Although, she was originally named “Baba,” we renamed her Skye (and she became known as “Baba” Skye). She was named Skye because we believed that one day she would see the sky – as her blindness would be healed, either in this life or the next. Today, she is healed, free from her ravaged body, and she can look up and see the sky. And when we look up into the sky, we will always be reminded of her. Thank you Skye for letting us care for you and give you the best life we could, we just wish it wouldn’t have been for such a short time.


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