Starting Small, Dreaming Big

Last December I rescued Felicia from a miserable existence as she had been living in a small glass cage in a pet store for the past six months. One night on my way home from work, I forgot to buy dog food (and yes, my dog is as vegan as much as she will tolerate) and had to stop at a pet store that I had avoided because they sold small animals. I just want to say that I normally avoid pet stores that sell pets due to the obvious ethical issues – they promote pet breeding (including pet mills) and will sell their pets to anyone (for who knows what unscrupulous and horrific purposes, like people who buy rabbits to feed to their snakes). As I parked and walked in, I told myself to NOT look at the animals and to stay focused on the dog food isles, but I caved and looked down to the area where they keep the animals. I saw her in the glass cage and had to go look at her and ask some questions.  Apparently no one would buy her as she was quite shy. I was tempted to just get her out of there but common sense told me to wait and think this through a bit more. I also didn’t know anything about keeping rabbits or how I would keep her from my dog (Siberian Huskies and rabbits are not likely a good mix). For the next week, I would go and see her almost every day after work and would almost obsess over her – as I imagined her living in that cage. During this time, I also did some rabbit research and decided to get her. Worst case scenario – I’d rehome her if necessary but at least she would be saved. When I got her home, she was very shy but very sweet and gentle, and seemed content having all this new space (I converted my dog’s large kennel into her living area). I got her spayed and knew the next step was to get her a little brother.

Felicia - My First Rescued Rabbit

I started looking for her partner and one day when I called the SPCA, they had a few new young rabbits. I dropped in and saw Gus! He was very curious, friendly, and energetic, and the fact that he looked so much Felicia – I knew he was the one!

Gus - Rabbit number #2

And they quickly became two peas in a pod.

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