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And Then There was 4! Welcome Alfred Wigglebottom

A few weeks I started looking for a brother to adopt for Frances. I spotted Mr. Alfred Wigglebottom on a local SPCA website and knew he was the one. He was brought to the SPCA after he was found left…

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And Then There was 3! The Story of Chasing Frances

Early in October while walking my dog along a trail that goes by the Agri-Fair grounds, I spotted a little white and black spotted rabbit in this fenced off grassy area. Clearly someone had dumped him/her off…I kept walking but…

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Starting Small, Dreaming Big

Last December I rescued Felicia from a miserable existence as she had been living in a small glass cage in a pet store for the past six months. One night on my way home from work, I forgot to buy dog food (and…

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