Meet the Residents

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Meet the playful, curious, friendly, and smart ‘grass-puppies who were rescued from the dairy industry and saved from being slaughtered at a very young age.


Meet the trouble-making trio of goats who love to play, get into mischief, escape, and repeat, all day long.


Meet the rabbits who get to hoppily live in a natural indoor/outdoor habitat where you can find them digging, burrowing, flopping, snuggling, chewing, or napping to their hearts’ content.


Meet the bonded pair of feisty and sassy but also gentle and sensitive rescued horses that were saved from ending up in an auction mart and eventually a kill pen.


Meet the gentle and sweet mother-daughter pair of sheep who were rescued by another farm sanctuary and we were able to give them a home with us.


Meet the infamous Jimmy the rooster who we found abandoned at a feed store and the lovely hens who were released to us from the egg industry, along with two peacocks and peahen who freely roam and guard the farm property.


Eden’s Way Farm Sanctuary

Located approximately 30 minutes east of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Registered Charity ##713808277RR0001

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